Where history, elegance, and charm collide…

Image of Manor House

Court Manor is where memories are made.

Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Court Manor brings elegance and charm to any gathering on the sprawling historic estate.  Whether you are looking for a venue to celebrate with your closest friends and family, gather for a corporate event, throw a huge wedding bash, or come stay for a relaxing getaway, we’d love to add your unique story to the long line of history at the estate.

Over the years the estate has been home to Kentucky Derby winners, world-class Angus herds, the exotic animals of Zoorama, and quite a few remarkable people as well. The rich beauty of the land makes Court Manor a picturesque, rural destination with mountain views, rolling pastures, a lake, and 800+ acres of open air, all with convenient proximity to urban hubs such as DC, Charlottlesville, Harrisonburg, and Richmond. Schedule your visit with us to start building your own memories at Court Manor.