Your Hosts

Dave and Jewel Yutzy are proud to be the most recent owners of this renowned, historic estate.  Court Manor has been on their radar since the early days of their nearly 40-year marriage. Soon after they were first married, the estate was for sale and in disrepair. Dave and Jewel had thoughts of purchasing Court Manor to restore it and utilize the surrounding land,  but the timing was not right.

After raising 3 children, welcoming 9 grandchildren, and growing their dairy operation, Windcrest Holsteins in Timberville, to one of the largest in the state, they were ready for a new (ad)venture. When Court Manor went up for auction last year, they felt God’s timing in taking up the challenge of giving fresh purpose to the estate.

They have a vision to make Court Manor a destination for large and small events, weddings, weekend getaways, and whatever else you can dream up in this gorgeous space. They look forward to sharing this piece of history with you. 

Creative Coordinator

As the Creative Coordinator at Court Manor, Andrea Yutzy has many roles to fill. From the decor to marketing to the landscaping and everything in between, she finds many ways to shape and build on this beautiful piece of history. With experience in grounds management and customer service, and a life-long appreciation for beautiful and functional spaces, Andrea’s unique skill set helps define the atmosphere of Court Manor.

Outside her work at Court Manor, Andrea is developing her skills as a farmer-florist with the intent to grow and arrange flowers for events such as those held at Court Manor. Follow along on Instagram @willow_and_pine_farm for more details.